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Creating Specialist Modular Systems

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Click the tiles for more information on our range. Each product has several different configurations, which can be adapted to customer requirements and budgets, as well as a choice of colours and materials.


The Modula-Fix range of workstations provides a configurable heavy-duty solution for a variety of working environments. Designed and manufactured in the UK from Extruded Aluminium Profile, using heavy-duty components, Modula-Fix workstations are built to last. The Modula-Fix design allows a

Metrology Workstations

The Modula-Fix Metrology Workstation provides a configurable heavy-duty solution for holding portable arms, height gauges, jigs, and fixtures. They are supplied with either a single or double multi-tapped base plate. The modular design allows a variety of base options to

Modula Enclosures

The Modula-Fix range of enclosures provides a protective environment for sensitive equipment. Typically, our enclosures are constructed on or near to the shop floor, allowing equipment to be protected whilst maintaining optimal performance and production workflow. Including options for Air

Partitioning Walkways

Modula Partitions are the perfect solution to corner off areas that need segregation to protect the area from hazards. These can be fitted with various accessories such as hinged opening doors, electrical fit-out (data points and plug sockets), and pneumatic

Controlled Environments

Modula-Fix controlled environments offer a semi-permanent versatile workspace. Controlled Environments can be built around your existing infrastructure, fitted out with a variety of workstation options, and customized to support the needs of your new workspace. Various options are available including

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